• Ben Dowdy | Elder
    Lead Pastor of Living Hope Bible Church

    Ben spent thirty-four years in El Paso in far West Texas. Since completing his degree in Religious Education from Prairie Bible Institute, he worked as a missionary specializing in children’s evangelism and discipleship for twenty-six years, served as pastor-teacher at Grace Bible Fellowship for nineteen years, and completed a one-year church planting residency at Redemption Bible Church.  

    Ben is married to his favorite person, Marcia, and together they have six children and seven grandchildren. Besides spending time with their grown kids and young grandkids, Ben and Marcia enjoy hanging out, working out, and having people over. They are excited to explore the many delights of Austin and the Hill Country in the coming years.  

    Through two decades of being in pastoral leadership, Ben’s love for God’s Word and God’s people has grown significantly. As lead pastor of Living Hope Bible Church, he is excited to be a part of what God is doing in greater south Austin.  

    One of his favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 4:5, For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.

  • Blair Cushman | Elder

    Lead Pastor of Redemption Bible Church

    Blair grew up in a rural dairy farming community in Wisconsin and was saved at age twelve at summer camp. After completing his degree in pastoral ministry from Moody Bible Institute, he worked at Winnetka Bible Church, started a summer camp program at Camp Eagle, founded a ministry with his wife, called Hope Mommies, and was Associate Pastor and an elder at Kerrville Bible Church.

    Blair is married to his best friend, Erin, and together they have four children, Gwendolyn (now with The Lord), Malacai, Gemma, and Savannah.

    Blair is excited to be leading Redemption Bible Church and is constantly amazed by God's work in and through the church. He has committed his life to God’s Word and God’s people, and loves when those two things come together and transformation happens.

    As a Wisconsin native, he bleeds Green and Gold (Go Pack Go) and roots for the Badgers. In his spare time, he loves to be outside with his family enjoying the local waterways, on a bike seat pedaling out some hill country back roads, sipping craft coffee, building with Legos, or exploring some lonely hills without any cell reception.

  • Andy Snider | Elder

    Lead Pastor of Radiant Church

    Andy has master's and doctoral degrees in systematic theology from The Master’s Seminary, where he also served as a professor for eleven years. After an additional two years of teaching at BMA Theological Seminary, he was led by the Lord into full-time pastoral ministry at Radiant Church. He is married to the amazing Pam Snider, and together they have six grandchildren.

    Andy's pursuit of seminary classroom ministry was always accompanied by active involvement in local church ministry: teaching classes and Bible studies, discipling young adults, music ministry along with Pam, and more. With the move to Radiant Church in 2016, he sees his new full-time pastoral ministry in the local church as the fruit of these years of teaching and learning. Outside of—or rather, alongside of—his love for the local church, Andy enjoys spending time roasting and brewing high-grade specialty coffee from around the world. This made him and Pam especially glad to move to the city of Austin, which has become well-known for its coffee. Other than keeping up with the kids and grandkids, Pam and Andy enjoy movies, music, and hiking the nearby Central Texas Hill Country.